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Theatrical Release Service

At Applied Art Pictures, we understand that revenue generated from indie film releases on digital platforms for TVOD is often limited due to the large number of movies released every month and the extensive library already available on these platforms. It's challenging for a film to stand out unless it is featured in the "Premium Folder", "New Release Movies", and "In Theater" categories.

To address this issue, Applied Art Pictures has decided to reintroduce limited and Day-and-Date theatrical releases in the US, a strategy we successfully employed a decade ago. This approach will not only help filmmakers generate additional revenue from theater collections but also increase visibility and revenue on all TVOD platforms. 

We believe this strategy will maximize revenue potential and enhance the film's exposure across various distribution channels.

If you have any upcoming releases that you would like to have theatrical Day-and-Date releases for, Contact us and learn more about how our service can benefit your project.

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