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About Us

Applied Art Productions was conceived with the intention to bring together art forms of cinema from all corners of the world. Here, we produce feature and documentary films designed to be both entertaining and thought-provoking. Through these dual endeavors, AAP hopes to bring people everywhere joy, knowledge, and a better understanding of these most essential of art forms.

With 19 years of experience, this company started with a concentration in design and advertising. Gradually, it has been expanded to hold more than 8 million dollars in feature productions. Our production unit currently has educational and features both in the development and in production.

The Team

The People of AAP

Mitesh Patel


Barbara Bisanz

Production Coordinator

Sabrina Nolan


Bernie Tarin

Director of Photography

Tamara McDaniel

Production Manager

Rusty Case

Assistant Director

Nicholas Stehl

Production Assistant

Michael Stehl

Production Assistant

Scott Gore


Hannah Nance

Production Assistant

Rebecca Mance

Legal Advisor

Lucky Prima

Key Art Designer

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