About Us

Applied Art Productions was conceived with the intention of the art form of cinema from all corners of the world. It is producing feature and documentary films designed to be both entertaining and thought provoking. Through these dual endeavors, AAP hopes to bring to people everywhere joy, knowledge, and a better understanding of these most essential of art forms.

With 19 years of experience, this company started with the concentration of design and advertising. Gradually, it has been expanded to hold more than 8 million dollars in feature productions. Our production unit currently has educational and features both in the development and in production.

Team Bios:

Mitesh Patel, President
Mitesh Patel is the Founder and President of Applied Art Productions. Patel graduated from M.S University for a Masters in Applied Arts. After graduating, he decided to open a business focusing in advertising and design. Later developed into a production, distribution, and VFX. With his experience, Patel continues to bring his combination of creative solutions and management skills ensures the success of each production. Patelholdsextensive knowledge to establish creative and professional partnerships with talented writers, directors, and producers.


Bala Rajasekharuni
Director of Production & Distribution
Bala has 3 Masters Degrees in Film & Theater. He has 26 years of teaching & production experience in the industry. He directed 2 award-winning Hollywood films. A long time friend of Mitesh Patel, Bala has been associated with Applied Arts Productions apart from running his own Production Company, 160-H Productions, Hollywood. Bala divides his time between USA & India since he has taken up the position of Dean of Academics at Annapurna International School of Film & Media, headed by renown Indian stars Nagarjuna Akkineni & Amala Akkineni.
Sam Son, Line Producer, UPM
Sam Son is a Graduate from Cal State University Fullerton’s advanced business program. He began his career in business management for multiple fortunes 500 companies like AT&T, Sprint Nextel, and Deutsche Telekom, to name a few. While sharpening his teeth in the high-stress world of corporate management strategies and control, Sam was also consulting with multiple companies in regards to creative business strategies. These companies mainly consisted of music entertainment firms (Priority records, Arista, and more), and due to his love of the creative channels of the businesses involved, he quit working with corporations and focused on entertainment business full time. Sam then began to expand his portfolio by bringing his unique, low stress, high productivity style of management to the film business in addition to his already extensive experience with music firms. Now, with multiple film productions under his belt in a Line producer/UPM role, he brings all his experience and expertise to Applied Art Productions.
Brittany Filippini, Publicist
Brittany Filippini, is
agraduatefrom California State University of San Bernardino, with her Bachelor's in Communications and an emphasis in mass media and public relations. Brittany not only has experience in her field of public relations, but also has newspaper and radio experience. Her love of television and thought-provoking, inspiring films has led her to pursue a career in the entertainment field. She enjoys working with the team at Applied Art Productions and continues to grow professionally in the film industry.

Kimberly Siapno, Producer's Assistant
Kimberly Siapno, a Los Angeles native, graduated from The Los Angeles Film School. With her extensive background in development and preproduction, she shares the knowledge and experience that she gained through the years and puts them into her professional work. Prior to joining the Applied Art Productions Team, she worked in various television and feature companies and discovered her interest in development. She continues to execute her abilities by working closely with Producers, Directors, and Writers.

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Preview of indie thriller film by Hollywood’s next noteworthy director
Preview of indie thriller film by Hollywood’s next noteworthy director
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